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Trust one of the largest independent mainframe services providers in the world to run, optimize and modernize your mainframe and enhance resiliency.

Keep mainframes running smoothly

Many enterprises depend on mainframes for secure, reliable and heavy-volume data processing. But managing mainframes takes ongoing investment in software, hardware, facilities and support, and it’s a challenge to manage the costs and maintain the necessary skills.

We run, operate and support your mainframe platform – from monitoring and remote infrastructure management to full-service management, including hosting, storage and disaster recovery.

More than 160 IBM z/Series mainframe platforms under management, running 911,000 MIPS 

Hundreds of successful mainframe migrations, and 1 million MIPS

Optimized mainframe environments

We lower your total costs by improving operations, security and processing efficiency and deliver the availability, stability and capacity you need. With predictable, volume-based pricing, you easily move from a capital to an operating expenditure cost structure.

Benefit from reduced risk with automation and standardized operational tools and processes, while meeting government and industry regulations.

Experts in modernizing mainframes

Customers trust us to manage their applications running on mainframes, and benefit from 3,000 experts who manage these applications. We optimize core applications and have a strong mainframe heritage, but we do not box customers into the platform.

Maximize the benefits of migrating with our clear mainframe modernization paths and a single contract across mainframe and cloud services, including MIPS elasticity.


Managed mainframe services

Rationalize mainframes with flexible storage, security, continuity and network options – without capital investment.

Mainframe modernization

Rapidly migrate mainframe and legacy applications to distributed and cloud environments, using an end-to-end framework for planning and executing successful transformations.

“It’s the modernization and getting to that level of automation that gives us maximum reliability, maximum speed, maximum compliance, and of course, maximum security to protect our critical infrastructure.”

Damian Bunyan

Customer stories

Banking and Capital Markets

Banco Galicia

Large Argentinian bank optimized support with modernization and automation.


KION Group

Global warehouse automation leader gained efficiency and speed with modern IT.

Get set to modernize your IT environment

How to simplify and optimize your infrastructure and apps to prepare for mainframe modernization.

Want the full benefits of cloud? Rethink the journey.

Some workloads should stay put, but what’s the right cloud/on-premises balance?

Modernize, unify and secure your hybrid and multicloud environments with DXC and IBM. 

Micro Focus

Get integrated application solutions across the digital enterprise with DXC and Micro Focus.

Red Hat

Harness open source solutions at scale to modernize and transform applications.