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Intelligent Collaboration

Provide the latest tools and applications for employees to connect and collaborate, with strong integration, training and networking.

Foster employee collaboration from anywhere

Employee collaboration and productivity are top of mind for many business leaders. To foster collaboration, you need the right tools and connectivity to help employees work securely and reliably.

More than 5 million Microsoft 365 seats  

4 million Microsoft Teams monthly active users and over 15 thousand Teams rooms managed

Power the future of work

Intelligent Collaboration services provide new ways of working, connecting and collaborating. Modernizing existing tools and applications to collaboration-rich solutions empowers employees to do their jobs efficiently and collaborate effectively — and safely — wherever they are.

We combine traditional unified communications services, workplace networks and next-generation voice, video, web conferencing and meeting rooms; immersive collaboration in the metaverse; and mixed reality capabilities that free employees to work together in new ways.

Accelerate time to value

Intelligent Collaboration helps drive the adoption and use of important collaboration tools for the augmented workplace, including Microsoft 365 and Teams, Google Workspace, mixed reality services and the metaverse. We help you accelerate time to value from the start and rationalize your employee collaboration tools to lower costs and minimize overlapping capabilities. In addition, we help you take reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of employees and site visitors at company facilities.


Working in partnership with Microsoft to harness the value of AI

DXC Technology embraces the transformative potential of AI to empower employees with a predictive and intelligent experience. Microsoft Copilot has a key role to play in this strategy to enable employees to be more productive and engaged. In this video, Jeff Monaco, Vice President, Modern Workplace, discusses delivering AI within our Modern Workplace solutions.  

Generative AI and conversational UX: The next-level employee experience

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and conversational User Experience (UX) software, such as Microsoft 365 Copilot, are at the forefront of everyone’s minds these days. You'll need a plan to ensure that your enterprise leverages these powerful capabilities to gain productivity advantages and improve the user experience in a responsible way.


Workplace collaboration

Get the most out of our modernization and managed services capabilities with the latest tools, unified communications and applications for employees to connect and collaborate.

Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness and Advisory

Unlock your organization’s true potential by harnessing the power of generative AI to drive productivity, streamline processes, foster innovation and a personalized experience.

Augmented workplace

Experience immersive capabilities that connect the real world with the virtual world to enable new ways of working, connecting and collaborating.

Workplace advisory

Trust our advisory services to flexibly guide your workplace modernization in a way that fits your business needs.

Smart Working Spaces

Simplify workspace complexity by leveraging workplace productivity and intelligent space management to design a workplace that supports a simple, repeatable and supportable consumption model based on best-in-class technology.

Nissan’s flexible modern workplace boosts employee productivity and satisfaction

Nissan needed to enhance the employee experience, minimize downtime and let help desk experts work remotely to modernize IT support.

Aerospace and Defense

Employees seamlessly shift to remote working with a virtual desktop environment

Real-time collaboration is paramount to the success of The United Kingdom-based defense research company that provides technical expertise and innovative solutions for the UK government’s nuclear defense program.

Mixed reality opens the door to new ways of working

Businesses of all kinds will find many innovative uses for the technology, with benefits that include streamlining complex machine maintenance; training employees about potentially hazardous procedures without compromising their safety; and saving money on business travel.

Build your business' virtual world in Microsoft Mesh with DXC

Providing immersive experiences in hybrid workplaces can set the stage for improved employee collaboration and community-building.

Moving into the metaverse

Companies that master the metaverse can reap business benefits by exploiting the power of shared virtual environments. Now is the time to create a virtual world for your enterprise.

Innovate confidently with high-performance network services designed for next-generation solutions.  

Google Cloud

Harness the combined power of Google Cloud and DXC expertise in managing mission-critical workloads and transformations.  


Unlock data value and drive innovative digital experiences with edge-to-cloud, as-a-service solutions.


Modernize and achieve tangible cloud and modern workplace business results with DXC and Microsoft.