DXC and Luxoft collaborate with Continental to drive the future of autonomous and connected vehicles

Automotive Tier 1 companies, OEMs and other suppliers are evolving into software-centric businesses focused on speeding the development of connected and shared vehicles, autonomous driving  and electrification technologies. Continental, a global leader in the future of mobility, selected DXC Technology and Luxoft, a DXC Technology company, as key partners for Continental Automotive Edge (CAEdge), a cloud-based automotive services framework for creating transformative vehicle architectures and software.

The CAEdge modular hardware and software framework, developed in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS), connects vehicles to the cloud, allowing manufacturers and OEMs to develop, test and deploy software, sensor and big data solutions more efficiently and securely. As lead automotive software engineering partners, system integrators and managed service providers for CAEdge, DXC and Luxoft develop solutions to support the operation and development of the CAEdge framework. This includes managing multi-petabytes of ADAS/AD drive data, integrating cloud with in-vehicle ECUs, and using CI/CD toolchains and DevOps work to increase productivity and automation.

As part of CAEdge DXC Robotic Drive software assets are utilized in reprocessing and simulating scenarios for ADAS/AD development and validation. The software also is used to ingest ADAS R&D data that manufacturers, OEMs and suppliers can leverage to develop market-differentiating advantages.

“DXC and Luxoft are our trusted partners for the development and operation of CAEdge. They proved their ability to provide highly skilled experts and solutions for the broad range of challenges on time. Their flexibility, combined with a supportive and positive attitude, is highly appreciated within our program,” says Sonja Hummel, program lead Continental Automotive Edge Framework.

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, DXC and Luxoft combine a broad range of services that include embedded automotive software development and global systems integration capabilities. DXC Robotic Drive Cloud Services on AWS delivers best-in-class services and software components for CAEdge, as well as Continental’s Advanced Driving Support System.

“DXC and Luxoft have extensive experience in providing connected car, autonomous driving, and software test and integration solutions to the automotive industry,” says Matthias Bauhammer, global offering lead, DXC Robotic Drive. “Our goal is to empower car manufacturers to continually innovate their in-car technology and enhance the customer experience. We are proud to be pioneering with Continental as a strategic partner in this fast-evolving market.”

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